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Our Story

The story of The EcoGurus begins back in 2008 with two women and a problem to solve.

Having heard the laments of friends looking for reliable, trustworthy, and effective cleaners to no avail, Vesna and Evelina decided to take matters into their own hands, resulting in the birth of Cleaning Gurus. Starting from scratch, the women worked as cleaners themselves, working hard to create the reputation for fantastic service and meticulous cleaning that has stayed with the company until today. Soon, Cleaning Gurus was vetting and employing additional cleaners and has now grown into an award-winning London-wide company.

With a reputation for incredible service, Cleaning Gurus used a variety of different cleaning products and chemicals to maintain their client’s properties to the company’s meticulous standard. This began to concern our founders as their fantastic cleaning force were exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals day in and day out. The environmental impact of plastic packaging and solvent chemicals was also a pressing issue in the wake of climate change.

Client surveys proved that customers preferred and wanted to use all natural, non-toxic products, but these products were difficult to find in local supermarkets.

Vesna and Evelina decided that the only thing to do was to, once again, take matters into their own hands and make the products themselves. In 2016, The EcoGurus was born, with the first line of non-toxic, eco-friendly, family safe products ready to be used. Created initially for their own cleaning force, the The EcoGurus products received such good feedback from clients that the line was expanded and introduced to the public marketplace.